Living with Hope Seminar

Share hope with your community.

Living with Hope is a complete 16-part evangelistic seminar focused on sharing fundamental Seventh-day Adventist beliefs with a message of hope in these tough times.

Here's your church's opportunity to utilize a fully-packaged evangelism series with a message perfect for your local community. Living with Hope takes much of the work out of local church evangelism, while giving you a message founded in fundamental beliefs and relevent in today's culture. Living with Hope is a completely FREE resource found on Pastor's DVD Volume 16! If you do not have your disc you can contact your local ministerial department or order it online from AdventSource.

This series is a FREE complete evangelistic toolkit including:

  • Sermon manuscripts & outlines
  • Editable sermon slides
  • Participant handouts
  • Marketing materials
  • Event manual
  • Evangelism training handbook

Topics covered:

  1. The Bible
  2. Trinity/God
  3. Salvation
  4. The Great Controversy
  5. The Second Coming
  6. The 10 Commandments
  7. Baptism
  8. Spiritual Gifts
  9. The Sabbath
  10. The Sanctuary
  11. Spiritual Disciplines
  12. Health and Behavior
  13. State of the Dead/Heaven
  14. Tithes and Offerings
  15. World Church/Missions
  16. Ordinances

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Bible Marking Format

The seminar is designed to be presented in a question and answer format, inviting participants to open their Bibles and mark each relevant passage with a highlighter. To order your highlighters click here.


Each Scripture reference in the seminar presentation slides has the page number for easy lookup by those less familiar with the Bible. The page numbers correspond with the NIV Outreach Bibles from the International Bible Society. There are several covers available; we recommend #927, "The Story of God."

Promotional Resources Available

This series will offer a complete suite of customizable promotional resources available for purchase from, including handbills, postcards, door hangers, and invitation cards. Nightly handout sheets are also available at For questions regarding Living with Hope resources you can call 1-888-636-0755.